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Enneagram Personality Test

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Welcome to the next video of our Helpful Tips series from our providers here at Walter's Walk! These videos will feature mental health tips, time management tips and much more.

This educational video features one of our providers, Carrie Gardner, LPC (Licensed Professional Counselors), discussing the Enneagram test. The Enneagram is typology test that tells you which one of the nine personality types you are. The personality types will teach you about your limiting patterns associated with your personality. This is useful for growth, self-awareness and also teaches how to unlearn those limiting patterns. The test is perfect for couples and individuals; and allows for compassion towards yourself and others. Carrie enjoys using it in her practice because it correlates with the vision at Walter's Walk of serving the community with compassion and nondiscrimination. Watch the video to learn the 9 different types!

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