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Client Paperwork:

Lori Bosma



Lori is a current intern under the supervision of Dr. Jean Moretto, PhD, LPC. Lori is enrolled in Webster University’s Master of Arts program in Professional Counseling (Clinical Mental Health emphasis). She has a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Concordia University, Ann Arbor, and a Professional in Human Resource (PHR) certification. Lori’s area of interest is in secondary traumatic stress/vicarious trauma, specifically compassion fatigue (CF), Moral Injury, and burnout; and the impact of CF on first responders, law enforcement professionals, and other helping professions: “I admire this population and all of the sacrifices they make. I am not limited to counseling people in helping professions, however, I enjoy working with adults (18 – 65+) from all populations and diverse backgrounds.”

Lori will tailor her counseling method to your specific needs: “I value the counselor-client relationship and see therapy as a collaborative effort between the client and myself. There will be times when sessions may feel more like hard work, and times that it feels more like a celebration of achievements; rest assured, you are taking steps closer toward your goals through either scenario.” Lori has written about CF among LEOs for the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, which is produced by the FBI’s training division, as well. She is also a founding member of the First Responder Wellness Group (FRWG) at Webster University, which provides resources for first responders seeking assistance and advocacy for mental health issues such as PTSD, CF, Secondary Traumatic Stress, workplace burnout, and other mental wellness tools: “I guarantee a non-judgmental environment and safe space for you to share your story. I will walk with you into your story or pain and empathetically listen to your experiences. Together we will uncover your strengths and discover ways to write a new narrative that moves you toward the mental wellbeing you desire.”

She has written about the neurobiology of trauma, the effects of compassion fatigue on law enforcement officers and other helping professions, and on the effects of secondary trauma on first responders’ postvention practices. She has presented on secondary traumatic stress in nurses and among law enforcement officers; specifically, recognizing the signs and differences between burnout and compassion fatigue when secondary traumatic stress is present.

Office Hours


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8 AM to 4 PM


11 AM to 4 PM


Individual Therapy, Psychotherapy

Specialized Issues:

Anxiety Disorders, Bipolar-Related Disoders, Depressive Disorders, First Responders and Veterans, General Mental Health, Stress, Trauma, School/Work Stress, Career Counseling,




General Population, First Responders, Veterans, Suvivors of Domestic Violence

Treatment Approaches:

Person-Centered, Narrative, Motivational Interviewing, Psychoanalysis

Accepted Insurance:


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