Walter’s Walk –

·         They were there for me when no one else was.

o   I had struggled finding a counselor due to my financial situation of no insurance and no income. Not only were places rude but even their discounted rate was too expensive.

·         Responsive

o   In my struggled to find services with other places, I had several e-mails and calls not returned. Walter’s Walk responded in less than 48 hours.

·         Highly Recommended

o   Walter’s Walk was recommended to me by a friend whose friend currently sees a counselor at WW and had nothing but good things to say about it. Also, the 4.6 star review with Google was a fantastic selling point as well.

·         Clean and convenient Facilities

o   Just walking through the door the waiting room gives off warm and welcoming vibes.

o   The facility is clean and well maintained

o   The bulletin board is informational, it not only provides information on groups or things going on, but also gives information on how you can give back or advocate for Walker’s Walk.

o   I love the share shelf! I have yet to have a need to take anything but I have donated to it. I’m not able to pay for my services at the moment, so being able to give back in other ways makes me feel better about receiving financial assistance.

o   Having access to drinking water was a great addition. There were times I forgot my water bottle and needed to grab a drink. Thank you!!

·         Friendly Counselors

o   When I’m waiting for my appointment, if I happen to make eye contact with one of the other counselors, everyone has given me a warm smile.

My personal experiences and achievements after coming to Walter’s Walk –

·         Noticing changes – I lost count of the number of therapists and counselors, I’ve had over the past 20 years. It wasn’t until this year with Julia at Walter’s Walk that I’ve noticed changes and felt like I was making progress in my life. I know it sounds far fetched, but I can honestly say that.

·         Self-Compliments/Being Positive – I’ve been seeing Julia every week since August. I noticed my last few appointments, I’ve been starting them with telling Julia achievements I’ve made, or positive, pat on the back, at a girl, experiences. When I first started I had nothing positive to say about anything, especially myself.

·         I’m getting better at handling my emotions, not going directly into “stress out/anxiety mode “over every little thing.

·         I’m better at handling my Mother who has BPD. Thanks to Julia who took the time to explain it to me and also recommend a book to read. This a huge accomplishment as it effects everything in my life.

·         I feel like I’m on a path to a better me, instead of on a hamster wheel getting nowhere.


I will forever be grateful to Walter’s Walk for the opportunity to be seen by an amazing counselor. I have every intention to give back and advocate for Walter’s Walk the rest of my life. Every chance I get I’m spreading the word to other’s about WW. I’ve given the information to my support at Vocational Rehab and also MERS Goodwill Job Placement contacts who are working with me.

Thank you a million times over for the opportunity to receive services. Hopefully in 2019, I will be able to use insurance and pay for my sessions with Walter’s Walk. Then, I can donate so that I can help the organization pay for a future client (like myself) who may need assistance.

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