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Job Openings

Walter's Walk partners with Americorps VISTA program to find dedicated individuals who want to serve their community by increasing the capacity of our organization. These positions have yielded funding opportunities, marketing platforms, and organizational development. 

Program Development and Data Management

Project Period: 1 year

35 hours a week

We are looking for an individual to help us with fundraising and community outreach to help bring more awareness of Walter’s Walk mission. Fundraising activities could be: looking up businesses to ask to for donations, sending emails, asking for in kind donations for our events, or putting up fliers in the community.  We can also teach you how to do grant writing and ask you to assist in that process. There may be various other tasks needed such as data management or helping with forms or tasks for our fundraising events.

If you are interested in building your resume but also bringing your skills to our organization and helping us, this would be a wonderful experience for you. This position is considered a service position, with a salary and other benefits that can be vital to growing your skills.

Working for Walter’s Walk through an Americorps VISTA program is an uplifting experience. Your work can directly impact our organization, which helps people affected by trauma, depression and anxiety, regardless of their ability to pay.

Official Job Description:

The Program Development and Data Management VISTA will build the capacity of Walter's Walk by developing community partnerships, research available community resources, and co-manage grant proposals. The VISTA member will be the core of the organization's reporting effort to ensure sustainable funding for service provision to all in the Greater St. Louis community who has been affected by trauma, depression, and/or anxiety regardless of their ability to pay, including First Responders and their families. Through program evaluation conducted by the VISTA, community members will continue to receive services based on current evidence-based research. 

Objective 1:

Set up the outreach systems and develop partnerships with community organizations, local businesses, and other community associations to increase the need for mental health treatment, available resources in the community, as well as trauma-informed ways of interacting with the population.


  1. Develop an outreach plan.

    • Identify community organizations, local businesses, and other community associations. 

    • Review and improve current materials, and create an informational packet to be distributed to the identified community organizations, local businesses, and other community associations. 

Objective 2:

Create a sustainable process for identifying and managing potential funding opportunities (grants/private donor/fundraisers) in order to help the host agency apply and receive additional funding for core services and identified projects. 


  1. Research available local/state/federal grants, identifying application deadlines and eligibility requirements. 

  2. Work with the Executive Director to research, plan, and write subsequent grant applications. 

  3. Research best practices for identifying potential private donors. Create a process for communicating with the defined target audience. 

  4. Create sponsorship and donation marketing materials for the target audience.

  5. Develop partnerships with organizations and businesses that fit Walter's Walk mission, and develop and implement successful fundraising events. 

  6. Develop a tool kit to implement donor creation and retention so that it can be replicated in the future. 

  7. Develop an outcome tracking system to evaluate the efficacy of our programs based on desired outcomes. 

Objective 3: 

Assess the current state of programming used at Walter's Walk and evaluate the effiacy of the program based on measures of best practices identified via research to improve its effectiveness and sustainability.


  1. Research the history of programming used at Walter's Walk

  2. Research best practices for developing and implementing programs.

    • Based on this report, identify the strengths and weaknesses of Walter's Walk current programs, and make an improvement plan.​

    • Based on this report, create appropriate materials for possible funders/partners to update on progress.

    • Work with the service team to implement identified improvements in programs and re-evaluate biannually. 

Please reach out to our current Walter's Walk VISTA member, Justess Viehman, at, for any questions or resources about becoming an agent of social change within our community. 

You can also visit for more information. 

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